Soma nˈsjɛme

Soma nˈsjɛme

Olivetti poster

Olivetti Summa 15

New composition from Olivetti’s graphic

Colored block is the graphic element used to create new compositions. A mass is associated to each block. Block mass is subject to gravity.

Physics simulation written in Java Processing – Sum of boxes / persons
vertices[0] = new Vec2(15 + random(), 15 + random())
vertices[1] = new Vec2(15 + random(), -15 + random())
vertices[2] = new Vec2(-15 + random(), -15 + random())
vertices[3] = new Vec2(-15 + random(), 15 + random())

Street art painting

One of the new generated compositions will be painted on a wall of Ivrea city during the event Design for Next Community on May 2020.

Colored community
Soma nˈsjɛme / Via Jervis Ivrea – 2020

Children suggest to the artist the color to be used for the next block to be painted. Participatory process of which the final result is unknown (generative). The construction process of the artwork transmits information. A community is an entity that grows with the contribution of many.

 Gravity  * persons = generating force of a colorful community


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